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day 1 - why we love them
I’ve always loved their bickering dynamics, but most of all I’ve always adored how after a thousand years together, after all the pain, the hate, they still love each other and they will always protect each other.

Their relationship, among the ones in the Original family, has always been the most fascinating to me. They have a special bond, that’s why Klaus has always been overprotective with her and Rebekah has always stayed by his side.

And it’s been like that since they were children. They sure have two intense characters, they collide and fight most of the time, but there’s something unique between them. A love and a bond that still survives even after being consumed by their own darkness.

Even if Klaus seems a monster who doesn’t care about anyone, even if he does terrible actions, the idea of losing Rebekah has always scared him. They idea of being abandoned by her and not having her by her side it’s probably the thing that hurts him the most. And despite everything that Klaus put her through, Rebekah is still there, she remained with him through the centuries, she forgave him all the time.

And now even if they’re far away from each other, Klaus knows she’s the only one he can trust. Rebekah came back for him and his daughter, Hope, and she promised to take care of her… because they’re family and they always will be.

hannibal + drugs

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The Evolution of Women’s Hairstyles


This guy has the best reactions I swear

Mads Mikkelsen for FLAUNT

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